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How a marketing agency clinched a deal with Netflix thanks to The Method Research

Updated: Aug 25, 2021


Digital survey for agency pitch deck

New business “pitches” are like rollercoasters – they start with some suspense, build to a peak of excitement, and then come screaming down the other side. When talking to customers, agencies need to be prepared with the right data and facts that support the proposed strategy.

Note: For privacy reasons, the name of the agency or country will not be mentioned.

Make your agency stand out from the crowd

The Challenge

Invited to pitch Netflix, the agency wanted to collect information that would help generate creative ideas and support our pitch.

Over 15 agencies were fighting over the digital management of Netflix.

When a big company is looking for a new agency, a lot of agencies will submit proposals and it might take a while before they make up their minds. If you want to land this kind of company, you have to be able to differentiate yourself from the other agencies.

How do you differentiate yourself from other agencies?

Their investigation led them to The Method Research services. They signed up for The Partner Program and increased their number of deals, and content.

Upgrade your pitch deck with Market Research

The Solution

The method research agency partner program solution

We surveyed individuals on the consumption and perception of the streaming industry to help the agency to create a tailor-made strategy for their pitch deck.

  1. Design of the survey questionnaire.

  2. Translation of the survey in the local language.

  3. Collection & quality control of the answers.

  4. Data analysis.

  5. Data visualization in an Interactive dashboard & Raw data for the marketing agency.

The marketing agency had 2 weeks to prepare the pitch deck. Consequently, we collected the data and delivered it within a week.

Streaming service: The Method Research

Extract from the dashboard report.


  • Social proof from an external expert Market Research agency.

  • Difficulty to challenge a strategy based on recent facts.

  • Show the customer that you really care and you worked more/better than other agencies.

  • Give to the customer the possibility to make further research with you.


Use our agency program to generate more leads, back up your strategy, and explore more opportunities than ever before.

We act as your own research team on-demand.



The Results

Using the partner program of The Method Research, the marketing agency created an insightful pitch deck that was specifically designed for the customer and allowed them to win the deal over 15 other agencies.

Are you an agency?
We act as your research team on-demand.
Use our experts and get more deals as well as more for your customers.
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